In today’s knowledge based business life, a company’s main asset walks in and out of the door every day. People work in teams and successful synergy means that 2+2=5.

However, teams are made of individuals and to create a winning team we must start from each individual, making sure his or her potential is fully utilized. Teamwork can only be successful if each team member is:



*Clear in communication

*Able to listen

To give and to receive trust and confidence is the basis for successful two-ways communication. Trust and confidence is also the DNA of leadership.

Trust requires flexibility. Unfortunately, flexibility is a rare quality. Rigidity and egocentrism is much more wide spread. We are more and more preoccupied with saying what we have in mind than listening to what others have to say: All too often conversation has become a dialogue between deaf people.

It is here that interaction with horses gives a great contribution to self-awareness, empathy and openness. The powerful effect of the metaphor lying in the interaction with horses as a proxy for interaction with humans represents nothing less than a clear wake-up call on how unambiguously and empathically we communicate.

This interaction happens without judges. Gone is the all-human obsession of being scrutinized and evaluated, gone is the need to use the masks we humans often feel ourselves obliged to wear, to protect ourselves from being judged negatively. In the interaction with the horse we learn to draw on the vastly unused potential of our genuine emotions, thus improving our ability to:





This is a crucial part of the HorsEcutive(™) Program. Communication is made of the verbal, conscious part (estimated to account for 20%) and of the non-verbal, emotional, unconscious part (accounting for 80%). We can become champions in the verbal communication, but it is the message conveyed by our non-verbal communication that is important, irrespective of how hard we try to conceal it.

In its simplicity, this approach is nothing less than revolutionary because it both erases conventional borderlines and contributes to the building of new bridges:

1.Conventional borderlines are erased because the need to communicate with a horse forces us to abandon traditional methods and find new ways.

2.New bridges can be built because the exercises of the program stimulate creativity, serendipity, flexibility and our ability to attune to others. Once these emotions are experienced in the setting of the exercise, they become permanent part of our own endowment and can be used in any interpersonal communication.


How to create the best team