As Certified HorsEcutive(™) Coach you will be authorized to use our approach for coaching of both individuals and groups.

Each student will go through the HorsEcutive(™) program also as a part of a self-development course. Each student will learn to master the philosophy, method and techniques that together create the program, thus becoming part of a greater team of professionals using the HorsEcutive(™) approach for best client satisfaction.

To be educated as HorsEcutive(™) coach, it is crucial to strengthen self-awareness and the ability to attune to the client’s situation and mood. These are issues that will be especially emphasized during the course. To review the highlights of the course, click here.


BBecome an Accredited HorsEcutive(™) Coach

ecome an Accredited HorsEcutive(™) Coach

Become an certified HorsEcutive Coach