To keep hope and determination alive, Leaders recognize contributions that individuals make. In every winning team, the members need to share in the rewards of their efforts: Leaders celebrate accomplishments; they make people feel like heroes!

Emotions are the glue that holds people together in a team and that commit people to any organization. When leaders fail to empathize with, or read the emotions of a group accurately, they create dissonance, sending upsetting messages: People feel off-balance and thus perform poorly.

People don’t buy What you do; they buy Why you do it! That is, your ability to stimulate the Heart is far more crucial than the ability to stimulate the Mind. And in fact, the dualism between heart and mind is far from being universally accepted. In Eastern civilizations, emotions and rational thinking are not considered separate. For instance, there is only one symbol for mind and heart in Chinese and the Buddhists have one word for mind and heart – “citta”.

The all-western idea that humans are rational optimizers is losing ground as new research indicates that a heavy dose of “irrationality” may be just what it takes. The brain is not a computer. The brain is a biological entity where experience and emotions are the driving forces in decision making. We now know that emotions, far from being the antithesis of rationality, actually are evolution’s satnav, directing us towards choices that have survival benefits.

Thus, it appears that heuristics and emotions help us subconsciously to focus on what matters. This is just as important when we make conscious decisions: Even the most basic everyday situations are too complex for our brains to compute all the necessary information. Instead, we must simplify.

Since emotions play a so crucial part in human relations, how can we become more familiar with our own emotions? In the HorsEcutive(™) program we train our emotions and simultaneously enhance our self-awareness of how we as individuals tend to react under stress.


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